Frequently Asked Questions

The candidates pay the fees decribed on the public notice in order to participate the selective process to Master´s and Doctor´s degree courses. Once approved, they don´t have to pay that courses.

If you want to become a student of Master´s degree course, you need to have your undergraduate degree in law.

However, If you want to become a student of Doctor´s degree course, you may be your undergraduate degree in philosophy, human sciences or in law. 

The public notice is posted on PPGD site, in option "selection", and also posted in walls  in the Law Federal University of Bahia . 

The regular student is someone that subscribes to the selection process, and get aprroved inside  the number of vacancies offered by university. However, the special student is somenone that even had subcribed to the selection process and got good results,  but he didn´t got approved inside the number of vacancies offered by the university.

The  main points to get  sholarships was defined by CAPES, to Social Demand Program; and on FAPESB  site, to scholarships offered by this agency. Beside that, it has to consider  the necessity level of the student, acoording to the ocasion of scholarship´s selection.

The comission to concession of  scholarships elected by collegiate, posted a public notice to selection at the beggining of first semester every year , in order to attend  students that already  have that scholarships as well as students that just started the course and want to get one.

The subscribes to selection process of foreign students  are received if it is agree with the public notice posted on PPGD site.

The student enroll  in the course and choose the subject  that he will teach  in the Graduation. At the beginning of the semester, the student must submit an application to the Collegiate requesting authorization to carry out the traineeship program. After the end of the semester, the student must report on all the activities carried out during the traineeship program, with the signature of the guiding teacher in that traineeship.

The norms for participation in events are described in the Resolution of the PPGD registered in the minutes of the meeting of the Collegiate, posted in the PPGD website, held on 07/27/2017, in Art. 6, paragraph 3: "Paragraph three. The selection of the students refered to in the first paragraph will be limited to two students per semester, considering the average in subjects (which excludes students who have not yet obtained the mentioned average), and that students are prevented from obtaining new aid within eighteen months ( unless there is no other one  interested)."

The request of use of studies should be do throught of requirement at the Secretary of Master´s and Doctor´s degree courses,  which will received It in order to appreciate that  on Collegiate´s meeting.

The regulation of Master´s and Doctor´s degree program says that qualification exam should be do until 120 days before the Thesis explanation.

Yes, you could. However, you need  to do a requirement to Collegiate and in this requirement, you have to ask for exemption from subjects that you already did on Master´s degree course.

Yes, as well as the reverse if the student wants to use the subjects that he already did on Law Master´s and Doctor´s degree Course in another postgraduate program.

Master´s Degree Course: 24 credits and 408 study load hours.

Doctor´s Degree Course: 32 credits and 544 study load hours.

The student must defend the these of completing a Master's course within 24 months of admission. The deposit is made via e-mail, containing a dissertation in its entirety, the report of completion fully completed and signed by the supervisor, proof of publication during the course as stated in the Internal Rules of Law´s Postgraduate Program , art. 38, item II.
In the case of the Doctor´s degree course,  the term for the defense is of 36 months of the entrance and  It follows the same rules  of the master´s degree course.

The minutes and opinion of the defense are forwarded to the next meeting of the Collegiate for approval. After the minutes approved by Collegiate, the process is sent to the General Secretary of Courses  which requests around 100 days to prepare the Diploma.